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Among those using the SquatGuide and T-Dot Mobility System are:

St. Louis Cardinals

The Andrews Institute for Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Duke University Athletics

Duke Sports Medicine

Oklahoma University Athletics

University of Oregon Athletics

Boise State University Athletics

Northwest Nazarene University

US Army Rangers

US Army Special Forces

US Army

Rock and Armor Physical Therapy and Sports Performance

E3 Crossfit

St. Luke's Rehabilitation

St. Luke's Sports Medicine

Tacoma Strength

Underground Performance - Waco

I recently had surgery to release scar tissue that greatly limited my range of motion in my right knee. The SquatGuide™ has been key in my rehab. It is a tool I use every day at my Crossfit gym to regain my normal joint motion while also developing great squat mechanics.
— Joseph Clift
I have had success with using the SquatGuide™ with multiple Division I athletes. It is a great tool to use when progressing an athlete from isolated strength training to more functional movement patterns. The SquatGuide™ helps promote quality movement patterns that carry over to the field / court in order to help prevent injury and optimize performance.
— Shireen Mansoori, PT, DPT Duke University Sports Medicine Fellow
The SquatGuide™ has improved my squat drastically. It showed me where my form was breaking down and where my weak spots were. It definitely helped my strongman performance by giving me proper form for the squat and improved my overall mobility.
— Alex Kopp, Heavyweight strongman competitor and Founder of the Boise State Powerlifting Club