Through 5 basic steps, we can show you how to properly utilize the mechanics of the TDOT Mobility System. Easy to learn and simple to implement, the TDOT Mobility System should be added to your work out and training regime TODAY for optimal benefits. 

  1. Select an area of the body that you want to target with pressure

  2. Adjust the hinge mechanism to the appropriate height by sliding it on the track and then locking it in place

  3.  When the desired height is achieved you can use the device with the arm or head locked at a certain angle or unlocked and allowed to move freely at the hinge  

  4. Connect the arm or the head to the coupler by clicking it into place

    1. If using the arm, the head will click into the second coupling system at the end of the arm

  5. Lean the body into the head to apply your desired amount of pressure to the treatment area.  Pressure can be used with or without movement and with or without resistance