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NEW! Mobile T-Dot Mobility System - Patent Pending

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For the athlete on the go! Take your favorite mobility tool anywhere you need to be at your best!

The Mobile T-Dot Mobility System is a new approach to improve range of motion, reduce tightness, and decrease pain throughout the body.   Its unique design allows the user be in a functional position while incorporating movement with pressure applied to targeted areas. It also allows this to be done at any angle and to any body part.   The user is no longer limited by leaning against a wall or lying on the ground.  

This new Mobile T-Dot Mobility System is able to attach to a squat rack, pull up rig, lifting station or fence post.  This allows the user to take the T-Dot with them to any gym, any event, any practice or any performance and get the same type of mobility improvements and treatments that they are accustomed to.  

Also new is the new quick release button that allows you to change the angle of the moblization head with the press of a button.  This has improved the ease of use and durability of the device.  

How it works:

Select an area of the body that you want to target with pressure

Strap down the device at the desired height to target that area

When the desired height is achieved you can now press a simple angle release button to adjust the angle of the mobilizing head.

Lean the body into the head to apply your desired amount of pressure to the treatment area.  Pressure can be used with or without movement and with or without resistance


What’s included?

Mobile T-Dot Mobility System

Smooth, round mobilization head

28' mobilzation arm (included only by selecting "yes" below) - this is optimal if you want to use your Mobile T-Dot Unit at a fence post

Instructions for use


Weight: 2.7 pounds (Mobile Unit without 28' extension arm), 4.0 pounds with arm

28" Extension arm included:
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Mobile T-Dot
Mobile T-Dot backside

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Setting up the Mobile T-Dot Mobility System