The SquatGuide (Patent # 9,446,284) is a revolutionary fitness product that is designed to help develop and maintain perfect squat form.  Appropriate for people of all ages and abilities, it's like having a physical therapist or strength coach with you at all times.

 If you've never performed squats for exercise before, perfect!  The SquatGuide™ will aid in developing a perfect pattern to ensure you do this great movement safely.  

If you are experienced in performing the squat, perfect! The SquatGuide™ will point out restrictions and compensations you need to address. 

If you teach patients, clients or athletes how to squat and find yourself having to consistently cue them into good position, perfect!  The SquatGuide™ can do this for you so you may focus your energy and time on teaching new skills as they continue to hone their squat independently. 

SquatGuide™ is the only piece of exercise equipment designed and engineered to help people develop, improve and maintain proper squatting pattern.  

Squatting in its many variations and forms is a movement that humans must perform many times daily.  What we see in human development is that as toddlers and young children, we squat with impeccable form and use this movement to safely achieve low positions, lower loads to the ground and pick items up off the ground.  At some point as we age, most humans stop squatting correctly.  Squatting incorrectly can cause a myriad of different musculoskeletal injuries and pain and is compounded when people try to use squatting incorrectly as part of their workout or fitness regimen.

Squatting correctly has tremendous benefits.  It can prolong independence as we age as it will strengthen the lower back, hips and thighs in a fashion that suits human biomechanics perfectly.  Squatting well allows mothers to pick up their children safely, grandmothers to continue gardening, grandfathers to get on and off the toilet and fathers to look on the bottom shelf of the fridge.  

Until now, there was no product on the market that could help guide the masses on how to again perform this movement correctly.  It is argued that not everyone will squat the same given the idiosyncrasies of each individuals build.  This is true and is why The SquatGuide™ is customizable.  There are squatting guidelines by which this product is designed that can help everyone develop an maintain safe and efficient form.