SquatGuide(TM) Set-up and Use Instructions

SquatGuide™ Instructions

1. Set the height of the knee guides to the height of your knees.

2. Set the width of your foot plates so that your heels will be shoulder width apart when standing on the SquatGuide™ (This is our recommended stance width to start from.  Users may prefer a slightly more narrow or wider stance).

set width.jpg

3. Stand on the SquatGuide™ with your toes touching the front rail and the outside of your foot touching the lateral rail (essentially in the front outside corner of the foot plate).
4. Bring your arms up  to shoulder height in front of you.
5. Begin to squat by first sending your hips backwards while keeping your chest up (move hips prior to bending your knees).

6. As you lower into the squat make contact with the outside knee guides and avoid touching the front knee guides.
7. Maintain contact with outside knee guides until you return to standing position.

Some Tips!

  • The goal is not to see how far out you can push your knees.  Do not push out so far that your big toe comes off the ground.
  • As you get lower into your squat it may help to push your knees out to provide stability and minimize the feeling falling backwards.
  • Try to prevent your lower back from rounding and your tailbone from tucking under - we advise that you do not squat so low that this happens
  • Ideally each knee will be pushed out equally during your squat.